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Glass Bridge and Paragliding in Pha Tak Suea

Glass Bridge and Paragliding in Pha Tak Suea

Road trip? Or want to know how Laos look like from Thailand up from a hill? 

Wat Pha Tak Suea in Nong Khai, Thailand might be the perfect place to spend your lazy weekend.

Glass Bridge

Wat Pha Tak Suea located in Amphoe District in Sang Khom, Nongkhai has long been a destination to locals who want to take a glimpse of the Mekong River from up high. In April last year, another attraction has been added in the place. A 16 meter U-shaped glass skywalk hanging on cliff was built to draw more tourists and to give a different feeling and a better view of the mighty river and Laos on the other side. Aside from its popularity on the beauty it gives to its visitors, it is also a good place for meditation or offer something to Buddha.


The road going to Pha Tak Seua from the center of Nong Khai is mostly lined with trees on both sides and meeting in the middle of the air forming somewhat like a tunnel while Mekong River on your right give travelers an eerie yet awesome feeling


Aside from the glass bridge and an awesome view, paragliders from Thailand and Laos often practice flying here with their colorful gears. On Last January 20-22, 2017 1st ASEAN Paragliding Friendships will be held at the temple grounds. With participants from other neighbouring countires and first all-men participants from Laos.

©All photos are from Facebook page of Ra Sat Fai Thailand & Pha Tak Suea

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