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Rattan - Sustainable and Sexy

Rattan - Sustainable and Sexy

Danlao Rattan

Located in a busy street on the way to Mitthaphab Bridge is Danlao Rattan, brain-child of Xaykhamme Phetmanivong; designer, entrepreneur and advocate for the environment.

Started in 1993 as means of augmenting his family income, it soon turned into a passion for manufacturing high quality rattan products that were also attractive and environmentally friendly. One type doesn’t fit all and so with about 30 species of rattan found in Laos, Xaykhamme is careful to match design and type of rattan when making a product. Equally important, the skills of Lao crafts people are showcased in order to give the workers a vested interest in producing quality.

Today, Danlao Rattan is an SME with 42 employees, and contracts out work to about 100 families in three villages in Khamkeud District of Bolikhamxay Province. In 2013, in recognition of Danlao Rattan’s commitment to eco-friendly manufacturing, World Wildlife Fund, Laos (WWF) started offering considerable assistance. The three villages where Danlao products are manufactured began receiving training in basketry and weaving techniques. Since sufficient raw material is always a problem, workshops on sustainable forest production and management were conducted. WWF has also helped Danlao in marketing its products abroad, especially by complying with the requirements of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), the international body that sets standards for responsible forest management. Danlao has set its standards even higher by tightening quality control. Harvesting, selection, categorization and treatment of cane, production and packing are all meticulously monitored.


  • A climber plant belonging to the palm family.
  • Highly tensile and durable.
  • Used for the manufacture of furniture, utensils, agricultural implements and even food.
  • Laos has 30 species, though Danlao only uses the 9 most durable and categorizes them into big, medium and small.
  • Large species of rattan take 15 years and small 5 years, before they can be harvested.
  • Lao rattan was the first to receive FSC certification.

Showroom: Thadeua Rd, Ban Phoxay, Sisattanak Dist. Vientiane Capital, Laos
T: +856 (021) 314 332, +856 (020) 5551 1171

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