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"Southeast Asia one click away"


The mechanic in miniskirt

The party finished in the early hours and when I left the bar it was raining cats and dogs. While waiting for the rain to ease I lit a cigarette and then noticed a few shuttered shops down the road two ladyboys sheltering from the deluge.

Thailand’s Mae Hong Son Loop

The Mae Hong Son loop must surely rank among Asia’s great motorcycle thrills.

I did this approximately 600-km ride in a week, stopping whenever I felt the need to soak in the culture or mingle with the multitude of ethnic groups that populate these areas. The journey is possible in about four days but really needs more time for sightseeing, sampling the cuisines or just hanging out in tribal home stays. If you have the time you could actually spend a couple of weeks meandering your way around the loop.

Khammouane Province: Happy Gold

As Laos prepares for greater integration into the ASEAN community, it is receiving expert help from various sources to develop other points of interest. With assistance from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), the geographical splendours of Khammouane are becoming increasingly accessible. For the traveler interested in more than just Luang Prabang and Wat Phou, the stunning karsts and magnificent caves of Khammouane Province will leave you wide-eyed and breathless.

Savannakhet: Province of Paradise

Savannakhet, is dotted with many derelict remnants from French colonial times; government buildings, churches and even Laos’ oldest cinema. But if you’re not a history buff, or want a little more of the outdoors during your southern sojourn, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) project to assist villagers in developing their surroundings and skills, for sustainable tourism is just what you’re looking for.

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