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"Southeast Asia one click away"


Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, the national capital has it all: colonial architecture, big malls and the whole range of Asian culinary traditions.

The diversity of Southeast Asian Food

The diversity of Southeast Asia is most apparent in the variety of cuisines found in the region. The influences come not just from the great culinary traditions of China and India but also from the colonial powers that came and went.

For Traveller

SunTara, Vientiane

In the Vientiane New World Complex, must surely have the best views of sunset ver the Mekong. With a coffee shop on the ground floor and a proposed business centre on the first, the top floor restaurant offers good food and service that is attentive and cheerful. A cellar and humidor stock an impressive selection of wines and cigars. 

 VNW Plaza Building, along the Mekong River bank, Vientiane. T: (+856) 021-251-564,


Artisans Cafe, Luang Prabang

Located in a 100-year-old wooden house in a quiet lane in the center of Luang Prabang town. A gentle and relaxing place to enjoy homemade snacks, delicious Luang Prabang sweets, premium teas and Lao coffee. Locally made, handcrafted souvenirs are on sale at the café.

 Ban Xieng Mouane, Luang Prabang. T: (+856) 020-5551-1731, www.luangprabangartisanscafe.com 


Organica Lifestyle, Kuala Lumpur

A new spot in Bangsar offering healthy meals, organic products, yoga and pilates classes.

 15 Jalan Tempinis 1, 59100 Bangsar. Kuala Lumpur, www.organicalifestyle.com 

Made in laos: Coco Nut

It’s the scents that capture you entering the T’ Shop Lai gallery: lemongrass, beeswax and of course, the back kick of coconut.

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