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ASEAN events for August - September 2015

Maroon 5 Concert, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand

September 17,19, 21 & 22 2015

As part of Maroon 5’s world tour for their latest album, V, the threetime Grammy award winner band will make stops in Manila, Philippines, Marina Bay Street Circuit, Singapore and in Bangkok & Pak Kret, Thailand.

Khan River Luang Prabang’s Other Lung

The Khan River may not be as famous as its sister, the mighty Mekong, but it is equally significant to the Lao people. It is a vital piece of Luang Prabang’s rich heritage, and to experience the spirit of this UNESCO World Heritage town requires an appreciation of the Nam Khan’s role in everyday life.

Culture: women traditional healers

In most Lao cultures, there is no clear division between physical and spiritual health, and it is believed that misfortune in one realm is often caused by an imbalance in the other. Women, who tend to the daily rituals of home and community, prepare food and materials for ceremonies and festivals and create sacred textiles, also play an important role in helping to maintain the balance between body and spirit.

Diving down deep in southeast asia

Getting into deep water can be fun.

Southeast Asia is a great place to be, if you are a diver. The Coral Triangle consists of the greatest marine biodiversity on earth. Tropical marine waters off Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines and Solomon islands have at least 500 different species of reef building coral in each eco region. The Triangle is the same as a tropical jungle, but underwater. Corals make up the flora, the fish and other underwater creatures, the fauna.

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